Ahran have been recognized as an API marketing and sales since 1981 in Iran. We have been working in tandem with top‐tier API companies around the globe. We were first the agency of DOW chemical Lepitite and thereupon we have experience working with world well recognized API producers such as Fermic, CKD, Hovion and many others. At the moment, we dynamically active in this sector to enrich the Iran pharmaceutical industry.

Ahran Commencement in finished pharmaceutical Formulation was by marketing lamivir, through sustainable movements, now; we are actively commercializing innovative medicines that meet the needs of specialist physicians and advance the treatment of their patient, improving Iran’s healthcare system.

For registration of medicines, supplements, medical devices recall and products release. Keep abreast of all new regulation in Iran also worldwide in healthcare sector. Close supervision on all the process of importation, Customs release, warehouse, distribution, meeting all requirements of MOH and ultimately hand on high‐quality medicines & supplements to the patients, Performing all pharmacovigilance and adverse events.

Operating with main objective of secure supply, supplier compliance with the required quality standards, reduction of lead times and cost control. Our supply chain team closely cooperates with regulatory, planning and sales in order to avoid shortage or overstock, to be right on time in the market.

Our Skillful and energetic marketing team; plan for annual importation and sales, aim to make Ahran products sustainably available in the market for this purpose, our marketing team working hand‐in‐hand with our supply chain and regulatory team, building up strong rapport with Iranian top major distributors; resulting in integrated accessibility of pharmaceutical products to end users.

Our Knowledgeable pharmacists are working on good quality and high‐standard products to fulfill patients unattended needs, enhance their standard of life accompanied with affordability with high quality medicines. In order to achieve Ahran desirable standards, the production team carries out all the process from designating API to Post-marketing-quality control (PMQC) in a meticulous manner.

Inspired by deep understanding of our customer’s needs, tirelessly working to Meaningfully improve the lives of patients. The story begins with knowing our customers well and understanding the needs of patients and their physicians. Whether it’s spotting opportunities to expanding our current therapeutic areas or identifying new treatment area, BD group constantly learning from Iranian knowledgeable physicians. These insights help us to intelligently invest on opportunities which lead to the life-improving destination.